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Farming is dangerous.

posted 23 Mar 2015, 09:43 by David Mair
Now that the weather is allowing some work to be done outside please remember to be safe out there. Work on roofs and slurry tanks can be life changing, there are a number of these incidents every year in fact so many that the agricultural sector that has a higher rate of death per capita in the UK. The second place goes to the construction industry so building and maintenance on farm can be a fatal combination, see the below short list of HSE prosecutions. As an industry we need to do more to be safe.

roof lights can be replaced from below See Replacing roof sheeting or roof lights

Farm worker’s death leads to prosecution over exposure to toxic gases

A farm owner and his two businesses have been fined for serious safety failings after a 29 year-old worker died following exposure to toxic gases. Two men had been exposed to toxic gases during maintenance of an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant on a farm.

Guidance on working in confined spaces on farms

Worker’s life-changing injury

Farm director gets fine after dangerous work at height

The director of a dairy farm was prosecuted after he failed to protect both himself and others while working at height. He and a 22-year-old self-employed relief worker, were both knocked unconscious after being lifted in the telescopic loader bucket to work on two tanks.

Working platforms (non-integrated) on forklift trucks

Farmer in court for roof fall failings

A farm partner was fined for safety failings after a worker was seriously injured when he fell through a fragile cowshed roof. He broke five vertebrae and two ribs, and cracked his left leg socket in the incident. He now has limited mobility and has been unable to work since.

Firm in court after worker paralysed in roof fall

A firm has been fined for serious safety failings after a worker was left paralysed when he fell almost four metres through a fragile rooflight. He is confined to a wheelchair after suffering irreparable damage to his spinal cord in the accident as he replaced plastic rooflights on a farm shed.