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Information for report

Most of this information can be provided on the phone or by email. It is normally best to chat over the information with us. We need to have a good understanding of the existing and future uses.

For a ventilation report without a site visit we require information on the building and its surroundings the more detail the better. 

Type of information required for a ventilation report.
  • Building location (Farm name and postcode)

    New shed site outline red
  • Which building is it on the steading
  • Is the building existing or proposed
  • What sort of problems are you having in the shed, have things changed
  • The size of the shed
  • Height and roof pitch (degrees or height at ridge)
  • Type of stock
  • Weight of stock
  • Number of stock
  • Pictures or video of building, inside and out
  • Building structure 
    • internal layout
    • steel frame, timber frame
    • roof cladding type
    • ridge type
    • side cladding type and depth
    • wall heights
    • bedded court, slats
  • Any buildings or lean to's next to shed
  • Any other information you feel may be relevant
Typically for a simple standalone shed the cost would be £200 for the report. The cost to implement the changes or build a new shed to the reports recommendations will obviously vary but in most cases the cost are repaid within a small number of years through, reduced loss of stock, increased weight gain, increased milk production, reduced vet and medicine bills. 

The below sketch has 4 spans side by side. The first shed built was the one to the right with the large span to the left being the proposed shed by reducing the height of this below the existing we are able to get fresh air in at the valley gutter. This adequately ventilates this new shed. The existing buildings ridges should be changed to protected open ridges (sizes as per report) this sorts out the outlets and will improve the existing shed ventilation. But the inlets are limited into the existing sheds, spaced roof sheeting would improve air inlets in this situation or more openings on the gable would also help. Alternately if they were proposed sheds stepping the eaves height would let in air. There are lots of ways to improve ventilation from complicated building like this to single span cattle shed.

Air flow through building

Typical cost of good ventilation integrated into a proposed shed

In a new shed the very small cost to change small but critical areas of the building would lead to a very quick pay back period. 
The cost to implement good ventilation can be as low as £20 per metre on a new shed. So for a 60 metre long shed the cost would be £1300 including report costs.

If the layout is complicated a visit may be required, cost for this can be reduced if we can visit a few farms on the one trip.

Please contact us here for further information.