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Prior notification

Is prior notification required see guidelines.

Information require for Prior Notifications application in Scotland

  • Fill out a prior notification application form
  • Location Plan
  • Plan & elevations
  • Land ownership outlined in blue
  • Site outlined in red 
  • Fee £78
What happens next

The planning authority has 28 days from the receipt of notification to respond. 

You should receive an acknowledgement informing you of the date of receipt. 

Work cannot begin within the period of 28 days from the date on which the authority receives your notification unless the authority indicates in writing that they are content. 

If they do not respond within this 28 day period, then the development can proceed exactly as notified. 

If informal discussions take place with the authority and the original proposal is modified by agreement, there is no requirement to re-notify the authority. The authority should give written approval to the modification to make it clear that the modified proposals can proceed.  

If the authority indicate, within the 28 day period, that they require the formal submission of details for approval, work cannot begin until details have been approved by the authority. This normally involves a full planning application

Building warrant may also be required see Building regulations