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Planning Guidelines

Agricultural buildings planning application rules.

Full Planning Permission is always required if any of the following apply:

  • building over 465 sq metres (5005 sq feet) in floor area 
  • building or works for intensive livestock, slurry or sewage within 400m (437 yards) of a protected building, ie. building occupied by people but not part of a working farm
  • on less than 0.4 ha of land
  • construction, alteration or extension of a dwelling
  • building or works not designed for agriculture
  • building over 12.0 m (39 feet) in height
  • building over 3.0 m (10 feet) in height within 3 km of an aerodrome
  • within 25 m (82 feet) of a trunk or classified road

If the above don't apply then you instead require a Prior Notification if it is intended to do any of the following:

  • build a farm or forestry building
  • alter or significantly extend a farm or forestry building, ie. to increase the cubic content of the building by 10%, or exceed its original height
  • build or alter a farm or forestry road
  • If however work has started or any of the below apply full planning world be required

Example 1

      • Proposed new general purposed shed
      • size of building 12 m x 30 m = total area 360 sq metres
      • Farm house within 400 m
      • Prior notification required.

Example 2

      • Proposed new cubicle shed with slated tank
      • size of building 12.5 m x 36 m = total area 450 sq metres
      • Farm house within 400 m
      • Cottage within 400 m not owned by farm
      • Full planning required
Example 3
      • Proposed new cubicle shed with slated tank
      • size of building 30 m x 55 m = total area 1650 sq metres
      • Farm house within 400 m
      • Full planning required

If you would like help as to whether you require a prior notification or full planning please send your project details and site address to us.