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New Agricultural Buildings

Agri Design can assist you with the points below. We can sort out just a few key points or handle all of them for you allowing you to concentrate on the thing you do best running the farm. 

If you are thinking about building a new farm building these are some of the things you should think about before you start

  • Building use
  • Building location
  • Internal layout
  • Building size
  • Site levels existing and proposed
  • Relationship to other buildings
  • Proposed costs
  • Services, water, electricity, BT
  • Drainage existing and proposed
  • Access both vehicular and stock
It can be a good idea to visit other farms that have done something similar. This is a good way to see ideas that you both like and dislike. 

One thing that can be hard however is integrating some of the good ideas into your building. It may not be straight forward. This can be due to things like ground levels, existing building and can sometimes mean that the ideas you are trying to incorporate will just not work as you saw them. Also integrating lots of different ideas from different farms can cause problems if things are not thought about fully. Quite often one good idea like an open ridge to give good ventilation can cause problems if you have cubicles below it as the cubicles bedding can become wet in bad weather. There is a simple solution to this though and that's a protected open ridge, this keep weather out without reducing the gaps that provide the good ventilation.

This is where Agri Design's experience can be put to best use by integrating all the good things you saw and discussing where these may cause problems and suggesting solutions. This will give you a building that meets your needs as well as the needs of the stock.