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Replacing roof sheeting or roof lights

posted 6 Nov 2012, 07:39 by David Mair   [ updated 14 Oct 2014, 07:16 ]
Falls are the second highest cause of death in agriculture – every year at least eight people die falling from a height. Those who survive suffer broken bones and worse. Falls often happen from roofs, lofts, ladders, vehicles, bale stacks, and unsuitable access equipment, such as buckets. These accidents and injuries cause you pain and cost your farm time and money. Most fall injuries can be avoided.

The law says you need to follow these rules in this order:

  1. avoid work at height where you can; and if not
  2. use work equipment or measures to prevent falls; and if not
  3. use work equipment that minimises the distance and consequences of a fall.

Working on roofs

Most types of fibre cement roofs will be fragile. Roof lights will often also be fragile.
No one must ever work on or from, or walk over, fragile roofs unless platforms, covers or similar are provided which will adequately support their weight.
Always consider first whether it is really necessary to access the roof. 
Does the work need to be done, or could it be done in some other way, such as from below or from an integrated work platform?

Sheeting and roof lights can now be replace from inside the building using fixings like Filon Fixsafe

If you, your employees or contractors do need access roofs for any reason then always:Access roofs for maintenance with a lift

  • plan the work;
  • consider the weather;
  • train and inform workers;
  • never walk the purlins or stand on fragile materials;
  • take precautions to prevent someone falling from ladders or boards.
David Mair
Agri Design
David Mair,
13 Mar 2013, 11:07