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Agricultural Buildings Show

posted 18 Mar 2013, 09:25 by David Mair   [ updated 14 Oct 2014, 07:16 ]
Agri Design will be exhibiting at the Agricultural Buildings Show this year in Edinburgh. The show is on the 20th March 2013 doors open at 9am We will be on stand 18.

10.30am - Welcome
Agri Design's stand at the Agrucultural Buildings Show March 2013

10.45am - Tony Hutchinson from RIDBA - 'The FAB Awards short list'
RIDBA launches it's FAB awards for the first time this year, Tony will talk through the buildings that made it on to the short list and why their design features fulfilled the judges requirements of functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.

11.30am - Jamie Robertson from Livestock Management Systems - 'Design for health'  
Investment in livestock buildings has a long-term impact on the health and financial productivity of a business. Jamie will illustrate commom design problems and the impact on livestock health and productivity, and promote practical design solutions that the producer can take away and use to specify buildings suited to their own needs.  

12.15pm - Keith Redpath from Redpath Farms - 'The investment of infrastructure'
Kelso farmer Keith Redpath will talk about his experience of installing a state of the art grain storage and drying facilities, the investment and planning process he went through and what, two years later, it has meant to his business.

1.00pm - Graeme Lochhead from Lochhead Planning & Design - 'The evolution of farm building design' 
Graeme will discuss how changing agricultural methods and technology has influenced the design of dairy buildingsover the last 40 years, and alternatively how some historical design features never seem to change and why.

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